Water Asset Management

Managing water resources efficiently is critical for towns, cities and communities all over Aotearoa New Zealand. We provide advanced asset management tools and in-depth analysis for all parts of the water asset cycle.

WSP Water Asset Management Services in Aotearoa

Our team of water asset management advisors utilise industry-leading processes and technology to deliver better social, environmental, economic and cultural outcomes to towns and communities across Aotearoa.

We partner with you to ensure effective management of your water supply and treatment plants, for now and the future.

Strategic Asset Management

  • 30–year planning – and consultation for infrastructure assets
  • Policy advice – rationalisation of business structures, district and regional plan input, and structure plan input
  • Levels of service – setting and monitoring KPIs, benchmarking and gap analysis
  • Resilience planning and emergency preparedness
  • Financial – valuation, tariffs, development contributions, programming and funding
  • Asset data – asset management systems, data management system operation, GIS
  • Asset Management Documents – asset and activity plans, standards, codes and specifications
  • Environmental management – biosolids and sludge management, trade waste management and bylaws, carbon and water footprints

Condition Management

  • Develop Condition Assessment Programmes, determining where and how to inspect to optimise spend, reduce risk and improve certainty
  • Complete Condition Assessments, either using our specialist staff and techniques to undertake inspections and tests or by administering assessment contractors
  • Developing Renewals Programme, assets replaced at appropriate time considering cost, risk, level of service, growth

Infrastructure Planning

  • Modelling – water, wastewater and stormwater
  • Non asset solutions – demand management and forecasting, leak detection, inflow and infiltration, water conservation and reuse

 Operational Performance

  • Asset and operational performance – treatment plant performance, maintenance planning, skill gap assessment, manuals and SOPs
  • Compliance - programming, monitoring drinking, waste and stormwater, reporting
  • Procurement – procurement strategies and contracts, contractor and supplier management, performance contracts, customer service reviews, establishing customer care, and subsidy applications


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