Wind flows can directly impact on building performance, peoples enjoyment of public spaces and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. They are an important consideration in the building design process, requiring specialist input.

Wind Tunnel Testing

The team at WSP Research covers all disciplines required for full-scale and model studies of wind and air flows, including, acoustics,  instrumentation technology, aerodynamics,  fluid mechanics, vibration and structural dynamics, and wind tunnel testing.

These services are highly valued for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Wind tunnel testing of buildings,  structures and topography at model scale
  • Measuring the wind  response  of buildings and structures
  • Design of  wind sensitive structures such as lighting poles, cantilever gantries etc.
  • Wind effects on building occupants, pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles
  •  Determining design wind speeds, especially where the topography is complex
  • Air pollution
  • Full-scale testing of wind response  of structures and components
  • Product  design and evaluation involving aerodynamics/airflow
  • On-site wind speed measurements
  • Wind energy
  • Wind generated noise and vibrations
  • Wind-blown snow accumulation around buildings


We work closely with architects and engineers throughout the design phase and  develop mitigation strategies where the wind effects are problematic. The level of infrastructure growth in New Zealand, especially in Auckland and Wellington, means the wind tunnel is constantly in demand.

The wind tunnel has also been used for unique projects such as:  assessing  the performance of novel umbrella designs and wind noise generated from high voltage insulators. In-field assessments we have been involved with vary from improving a touring car’s engine cooling system to measuring jet blast from planes landing and taking off.

The team is part of the New Zealand Wind Engineering Research Consortium, which has gained national and international recognition for their efforts in undertaking field studies of wind speeds over complex topography and the monitoring of wind-induced motion of buildings and other wind-sensitive structures. They have presented to numerous international conferences.

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