Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure

The main objective is always to advance people, planet and prosperity while responding effectively to unexpected events.

Sustainability and resilience are critical considerations when planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining the world’s transport and infrastructure systems. Applying these fundamentals requires innovative thinking and evidence-based practice. The pieces below—Q&As, features, white papers and global trends—present diverse insights from WSP experts around the world to help organizations move forward beyond COVID-19 and bring favourable outcomes today and for future generations.



Geospatial Technologies Inform Infrastructure Decisions

Digital twins, public transport projects, road safety plans and studies in climate change require real-time data with positional accuracy. Read more...


Cultivating Sustainable Transport Systems

Essentials for Long-term Positive Outcomes.


Leveraging Project Procurement and Delivery Approaches for Positive Outcomes

How and When to Use Alliance Contracting.


The World Wide Water Web Depends On Natural Storage

Replenishing the system to support sustained availability.


Asset Management Prepares Organizations for Unexpected Events

Establishing plans and processes is critical to response and recovery. Read more...

global trends

Impact of COVID-19 on Global Supply Chains

Supply chain management heeding the learning of the crisis. Read more...


Digital Twins Contribute to Infrastructure Resilience

Driving optimal outcomes for projects and communities.

Global Trends

Micromobility - Has COVID-19 Unleashed Its Potential?

COVID-19 gives micromobility another stage to showcase its potential. Read more...


Envisioning the Road to Recovery For Public Transport

Planning a Better Future for Cities, Towns and Communities. Read more...


Advancing Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Reduced activity provides opportunity to navigate cleaner flight paths. Read more...


Beyond COVID-19 in the Maritime Container Industry

Preparing for a successful future means looking beyond the first several months of 2020 while considering the short-term impacts of COVID-19. Read more...


Preparing Aviation for a Better Future

Guidance from WSP’s global advisors and technical experts. Read more..

Global Trends

Rethinking Urban Planning in a Post COVID World

Is COVID-19 pushing urban planners to think aloud about redesigning more resilient cities? Read more...

white paper

Developing Organization Resilience Through Asset Management to Respond to COVID-19 

This article explores what organisations can focus on to build resilience in the time of a pandemic and the challenges that come from the unexpected impacts it has had on organisations functions. Read more...

Global Trends

Digital Strategies Supporting Recovery from COVID-19

A major sector that is most vulnerable for transmission is our first category of talk – Rail & Transit. Read more...


Can We Reduce COVID-19 on Public Transport?

The threat of the novel coronavirus and other infectious diseases is heightened in public transit spaces, which see a large volume of traffic and touchpoints. Transit agencies around the world have responded with unprecedented speed, with new measures to protect against the virus. Here are their strategies. Read more...


Digital Transformation in Transport & Infrastructure

Learn how WSP digital services experts are helping clients across the globe, each with  different needs and at a different place in their digital transformation journey. Read more...


Maritime Navigates Covid-19 Challenges

How ports are advancing resilience to the current situation and to future shocks. Read more...

Global Trends

Cycling and Walking: From Now to Next

Reduced activity provides opportunity to navigate cleaner flight paths. Read more...