Hear from our HR Business Partner Shilpa in the latest #engineeredHERway article.


Shilpa Pindolia is the HR Business Partner for the Transport and Infrastructure team within the Middle East. She was born and raised in the UK to first generation Indian parents who settled in the country.

Shilpa’s career began in the retail sector, then to FMCG in the UK before moving to the engineering industry in the Middle East. She said, “I told myself that it would be a great challenge to move to an industry that I am not familiar with and at the same time a great opportunity to grow as person by moving out of the UK. I set off to start my new life in Doha in May 2013 and in a few months, my 5-year work anniversary will have come around.”

Whilst Shilpa is based in Doha, her role of supporting one of the Middle East’s largest business units is spread across various project sites and geographies. She often finds herself meeting team members in different locations in and out of Qatar.  “I am impressed by how diverse our workplace is and how many highly skilled male and female professionals from all over the globe make up the WSP team. Working alongside such great people has helped me grow a deep respect for the engineering industry as a whole”.  

Shilpa has always been focused on making WSP a great place to work. She is a huge advocate for teamwork. She said, “The challenges that are placed in front of us can be accomplished as long as we all pull together as a team”.

Outside of work Shilpa is a believer for an active lifestyle. She enjoys joining Doha military fitness classes with a group of people who share the same passion. “In less than 2 years I have ran two 10km races and fun runs. I also recently took part in a fitness challenge where my team mates and I had won the competition. It was an amazing experience and I am very proud of these accomplishments. I have even managed to encourage some of my colleagues to join and we always look forward to going to the classes after work!”