#engineeredHERway - Sarah Huskie

We catch up with our Head of Acoustics Sarah Huskie who shares her journey with WSP so far.


Tell us about yourself…
Hello! I’m Sarah Huskie, I lead the Acoustics team here in the Middle East.
Originally, I’m from the UK and have been with WSP for 12 years (3 in the UK and 9 in the Middle East).

How did you become an engineer?
In all honesty, I sort of fell into it! I always really enjoyed maths and science at school, and whilst I was still trying to decide on a subject to study I began working as a junior engineer, which worked out great for me as I was able to continue studying whilst working for a consultancy practice and developing practical experience.

Share an achievement of yours?
I have worked on some incredible projects and it always makes me proud to return to a building I have worked on as a visitor, from the Marina Bay Sands development in Singapore to the Dubai Opera House and many of the cinemas in the Middle East.  The acoustics of a space is something that people don’t notice when it is done well but it is very evident when it isn’t, so, to visit a space I have worked on which sounds great is something I am always proud of.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about my team and the work we do on some highly complex and high profile projects. One of the great things about the work we do is that every project is different and there are always opportunities to learn and develop.

Tell us about your life outside of work?
I am a very proud mum of two young boys who keep me endlessly busy outside of work and, when I have any free time I am very passionate about health and fitness and getting involved in local events.

How are you showcasing future ready?
We are in the process of developing innovative ways of showcasing the Acoustic work we do, including auralisation and soundscaping. We are always looking to bring in and develop new technology and this is primarily being led by our early career engineers.

What are your thoughts on gender balance within the engineering industry?
I have noticed that this region has made huge progress in terms of gender diversity in the construction industry over the last decade. When I first arrived in 2006 there were very few women in engineering but it is very different now and we are even seeing a more gender diverse pool of graduates leaving University. I’m proud to work alongside so many talented and professional women across the Industry.