We hear from Mark, our Director of Building Services, who shares his WSP journey with us.

What do you do?
I am the Director of Building Services within our Property and Buildings, I lead a team of 240 people across the Middle East and our iCRC Teams in India.

Where are you originally from?
I’m a proud Mancunian from Manchester, England, UK.

How long have you been with WSP and in the region?
I arrived in the Middle East late 2008 and have been with WSP since then, so coming up to 11 years this December, I never thought that would happen when I first joined!

What got you into engineering?
My father was a building services engineer (mechanical obviously), so I started my career working for his company back in the Manchester as a Junior engineer, this provided me a great grounding and start to my career working on the Urbis Centre (Millennium Project) in central Manchester.

What has been your best accomplishment at work?
My most proud achievement at work has to be my involvement in the delivery of iconic projects such as the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, and the Bulgari Hotel in Dubai.

What are you passionate about?
From a work perspective, I’m passionate about improving what we do and motivating our people & teams. I’m likewise passionate about teamwork and making complex things simple. On a personal level, I’m most passionate about my work-life balance, especially now that I have a family and three young daughters. I’m also passionate about football, particularly Manchester City.

What is it you do outside of work that you feel most proud of?
 I feel proud watching my daughters grow and learn more each day, they are great fun.

What do you think makes WSP a great place to work?
Its people and culture. It feels great to be a part of an organisation that prioritises its commitment to a positive environment by catering to people’s diverse needs and creating a sense of safety and belonging. An example of this is our flexi-time benefit.

How has WSP’s flexi-time benefit made an impact on your performance and wellbeing? 
Being able to balance work and life successfully with the flexi-time option, between time with my family and dedicating time to improve my fitness over the last 12 months, my overall health and work performance has benefited enormously.