We hear from Nirupama, our Senior Structural Site Engineer, who shares her WSP journey with us.


What do you do?
I am a Senior Structural Site Engineer, currently working on the prestigious Expo 2020 Mobility Pavilion. 

Where are you originally from?
 I am from Bengaluru, Karnataka India.

How long have you been with WSP and in the region?
I joined WSP in the Middle East in March 2014, more than 5 years ago!

What got you into engineering?
I was interested in construction from childhood and grew up in a family where my grandfather was an engineer, this really inspired me.

What has been your best accomplishment at work?
Being part of WSP I’ve been privileged to work on lots of challenging and iconic projects.
One of my proudest achievements was my involvement with the construction of the Bvlgari Hotel and Resort. On a personal level, I’ve been acknowledged for my hard work, receiving two ‘WSP - on the spot’ awards, one for my management on the Bvlgari Hotel and Dubai design district projects and the other for my involvement in Health and Safety best practice on the DMCC project.

What are you passionate about?I am passionate about new technologies and getting involved in challenging projects.
Being in our supervision team, I love developing good relationships with my colleagues and our clients.  

What is it you do outside of work that you feel most proud of?

I like travelling the world but running is my main passion. I am part of the ‘Pinkathon group’, which helps to raise money in support of mental health alongside spreading awareness about types of cancer that affect women in particular.
This year I’m planning to become a guide runner to the visually impaired helping them to achieve their goals.    

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I’m currently the only female in the supervision team, I believe I can be a role model and encourage more young female engineers to get involved with supervision. Other than that, I would like to be considered as a great engineer and continue to be part of WSP’s best projects.   

What do you think the future of engineering looks like?
Curious, Interesting and Innovative!