Daniel Gribbin Speaks to MEP Middle East About How Smart Sustainability Can Begin With Automation

Discover Daniel’s insights on the future of sustainability and smart automation…

Daniel Gribbin, our Corporate Sustainability Leader, recently offered insights about the role emerging technologies will play in accelerating automation to create more sustainable outcomes in the future.

Featuring in MEP Middle East, Daniel’s thought leadership article addresses recent global events and stresses the need to devise ways to ensure our infrastructure is more resilient to changing weather patterns and global mega events by finding ways to incorporate smart and sustainable technologies into the built environment.

The article also considers whether the engineering industry can implement these ideas into masterplanning and new construction by building in smart at the start to drive a more sustainable way of life for both business and society as a whole.

To read the full article, click here or click on the image below. If you are interested in hearing more about this topic, contact [email protected] or you can head over to our Environment & Sustainability page to learn more about our other capabilities.

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