#engineeredOURway - Julie Fraser

We hear from Julie, our Architectural Engineer based in Qatar, who shares her WSP journey with us...


Who are you and what is your role?
I’m an Architectural Engineer, which means I spend a lot of my time out on project sites overseeing the work taking place.

What got you into engineering?
I’ve always had a passion for maths and science and I became really interested in design too.
Architectural engineering really ties in all three areas!
I would say I am an advocate for functional design, creating buildings and places that not only work well but also feel great. This was a big part of what got me into engineering!

What is it you do outside of work that you feel most proud of?
I have a keen interest in sports and fitness, one of the many things that the Middle East region offers is the opportunity to travel to so many different sporting events whether you are a spectator or a competitor!

What do you think the future of engineering looks like?
In reality who knows!? The possibilities that technology and in particular AI provide us with, mean that the impact is limitless. We are seeing more and more devastating natural events (floods, bushfires, earthquakes etc.) I believe the future of engineering needs to be focused on its environmental impact, and combined with the use of technology, a holistic approach to design (considering energy efficiency and resources, materials, how we access and use buildings and changing lifestyles) will allow us to create a built environment that is both sustainable and fit for the modern world.

What are your thoughts on Gender Balance & Diversity within the industry?
As a global industry there is a clear change happening with regions like the UK showing increased levels of diversity.
In relation to the Middle East we are beginning to shed a lot of misconceptions and there is a real drive for more inclusion within the industry as well as within WSP!