Atlantinsilta Bridge, Helsinki

Atlantinsilta will be a new bridge in Ahdinallas in the Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki, serving both residents of the area and passengers arriving at the West Terminal. WSP designed the bridge and its supporting walls. The theme of the bridges and waterfront structures is water diversity. A well-defined material and tone library bring out the subtle design of the waterfront walls.

Ahdinallas is developing into a new high-quality marine urban environment. The construction of Atlantinsilta is scheduled to begin in autumn 2019. In addition to the bridge, WSP is responsible for designing the sloping waterfront walls and an observation deck.

The diversity of water - specifically its waves, tones and movement - was chosen as the theme for the bridge and the waterfront structures. The theme provided a sense of harmony and coherence across the entire project. A well-defined material and tone library was also selected as a starting point: plain concrete and bead blasted stainless steel.The shape of the concrete deck structure of the bridge was simplified to a large wave. The curved support pillars of the bridge include a steel covering. The waterfront walls will be implemented as 3D concrete elements and the concrete casting will feature waves that represent the horizon.

In addition to the three-dimensional concrete reliefs of the sloped walls, the wave theme is manifested in the design shape, lighting and material selections of the bridge and square. For example, wave crests will be highlighted when the walls are lit at night. In addition, the bridge has been specifically designed so as not to restrict the view from Ahdinallas to the sea.