Heathrow Terminal 2B

Meeting resilience, security and maintenance requirements while providing a best-in-class passenger experience at Heathrow

A World-class Project

London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2B is one of the largest privately funded construction projects in the UK. WSP's biggest challenge was to respect stringent regulations and standards developed over many years by the client, to meet resilience, security and maintenance requirements while providing a best-in-class passenger experience.

Using Technology to Enable Sustainability. We delivered the complete building services, integrated control systems (ICS) designs, BIM and project management services within a complex, multiple-stakeholder project. Many design and construction ideas were tested, assessing technical and program advantages, and using on-screen ‘walk-through’.

Length of facility
600 m 600 m
10 million 10 million
16 16

Innovative solutions

We developed a customized management tool, and used it alongside 4D modelling techniques, offering early and on-going coordination between disciplines, contractors and second-tier suppliers.

We also developed a unique water footprinting tool suite for the construction sector, implemented for the first time on the Terminal 2B project. A quantifiable system was set up to capture, analyze and understand water impacts associated with materials and construction on a live project. The combined results estimate the impact of water consumption on the environment.

Thanks to these tools, the water consumption ‘hidden’ in the supply chain was found to be 35 times greater than the water used during on-site construction. Showcased as part of a Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) case study, our findings have put us in a strong position to accurately target water reductions on future projects.

Heathrow Terminal

Award-winning Project

This project was recognized for its excellence in sustainable construction, design and innovation by winning the Green Apple Awards 2012 for sustainability.

The use of BIM provided clarity and true collaboration, facilitating early decision making to realize significant time and cost savings. “We see BIM as a key enabler for improvements and we are delighted to support the team,” said Julian Foster, Terminal 2B Program Director, Heathrow Airport Ltd.

We achieved enhanced safety and quality by reducing site activity in favour of extensive off-site manufacturing.

Our future-ready designs are compatible with changing technology and the constant evolution of air travel.