Polish Pavilion Expo 2020

The WSP team in Poland, in cooperation with WSP in the Middle East, has been involved in a project to create an innovative structure for use as a pavilion. The Polish pavilion will be a major attraction during EXPO 2020 in Dubai.


  • Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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The structure will attract visitors' attention due to the kinetic sculpture surrounding the building, the shape of which is a reference to migrating birds. Thanks to its wealth of unspoilt nature, its landscape diversity, and its location in the centre of Europe, Poland is the most important breeding ground for European migratory birds. Visitors are invited to share their journey and discover the abundance of Polish bird life. The pavilion and its open exhibition will inspire visitors to reflect on the coexistence of human beings and nature. They illustrate the dynamic development of the modern world and the emerging Polish economy in the context of global, cultural, and commercial exchanges, social migration, and the continuous movement of goods and ideas.

The scope of project implementation included the following services:

  • construction design and multidisciplinary coordination;
  • designs for sanitation facilities, including water for hygiene and drinking water, a grey water system, and an irrigation system;
  • designs for sewerage and sprinkler installations;
  • designs for heating and cooling installations and ventilation systems;
  • designs for electrical and teletechnical installations;
  • consultations on sustainable building solutions and building energy modelling.