Storåselva Power Plant

WSP supported the Norwegian power company NTE Energi AS and contractor Skanska Norge AS in building the Storåselva power plant, which utilized the 124-metre-high waterfall in the Storåselva river.

This is the first project in Norway for which a CEEQUAL certification was initiated and completed. The evidence-based sustainability assessment encourages and promotes the attainment of high economic, environmental and social performance in all forms of civil engineering through identifying and applying best practice.

Sustainability therefore became a crucial thread across all aspects of the project. All CEEQUAL requirements were converted into practical measures and implemented in all relevant documents. In addition to other considerations, the team considered the historic environment, endangered species, important landscape features, effluents in the water environment, involvement of the local community and interested parties. Hedges were even established to protect Norway’s national bird, the white-throated dipper (also known as the European dipper).


CEEQUAL-certified project in Norway
1st 1st
Clean and renewable energy production per year
75 GWh 75 GWh
Estimated Number of households supplied, per year
4,000 4,000

The project consists of a concrete dam, 4 km of tunnels, a powerhouse with 3 turbines, access roads and 18 km of 66kV powerlines. The power plant will, after start-up, deliver an annual energy production of 75 GWh of clean and renewable energy per year, which roughly corresponds to the annual consumption of electricity in 4,000 households. As a region with a significant power deficit, Storåselva will benefit greatly from this new renewable power plant. We are honoured to have supported this effort toward ensuring access to sustainable energy for all.

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as part of a new sustainable development agenda. We believe that WSP has an important role to play in contributing to achieving these goals. Here are the SDGs associated with this project: