Taoyuan International Airport - Terminal 3

Beyond a transportation centre, Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3 is a green building, expected to become Taiwan’s new landmark as well as provide entertainment and leisure. 


  • Taiwan


  • Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd

Project Status

  • Ongoing

Preparing for Growth in a Smart Way

With an expected increase from 35 million passengers in 2014 to 60 million in 2030, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation (TIAC) is launching a €1.4 billion expansion scheme for Terminal 3.

We operate as general consultant for the Terminal 3 project and provide master planning and program management services, in a joint venture with Netherlands Airport Consultants B.V. (NACO) and T.Y. Lin International.

370,000 m² 370,000 m²
Commercial Complex
100,000 m² 100,000 m²
385,000 m² 385,000 m²

Becoming an Airport City

The Terminal 3 project is Taiwan’s most important construction project and also the flagship of the Taoyuan Aerotropolis Plan, which will include a new terminal building, concourses, multi-functional building, energy center, and aprons on the south, north, and west of the new terminal.

The Terminal 3 project involves the design and construction of a third terminal which will connect to Terminal 2. A ground transportation centre, car park and commercial real estate will be built between the two terminals. Also included is the development of the:

  • Baggage handling concept

  • Air traffic forecast

  • Commercial planning

  • Master plans for aviation fuel and storm water drainage

In addition, the work comprises a taxiway relocation, road system expansion and apron area creation. The terminals will include regional light rail system stations.


Building a Terminal That Will Become a Destination

WSP is one of three JV team members (NACO, T. Y. Lin International, WSP). We are responsible for all E&M and IT/CT system planning works, including project management for the entire project. Project elements:

  • T3 main building and concourse

  • Multi-function building

  • People mover system

  • Airport ground access system

  • Airside facilities - taxiway system, apron (including the fuel hydrant system, lighting system, service roads, ground service facilities operation space) and;

  • Other related systems and facilities, including electromechanical system, baggage handling system, civil engineering, utility system, air conditioning, environment, fire security system, sanitation, security, information and communication, sewage treatment, waste processing, and fuel pipeline

The main challenge is to construct the new terminal while maintaining regular airport operations with minimal impact.

T3 will be a smart and green terminal and is expected to become a new landmark offering a pleasant experience to travellers in Taiwan. T3 will serve as more than a transportation center, providing entertainment and leisure facilities to visitors. The airport will become an air travel hub for East Asia.