Vertical Transportation

The vertical transportation system is a crucial element in the efficient operation of a building and for the experience and comfort of building occupants. Elevators, or lifts, are also a key success factor for high-rise buildings.

When creating a vertical transportation (VT) strategy, WSP’s experts consider a variety of factors including client requirements, occupancy levels for different types of development, elevator cabin capacity, waiting times and ways to maximize lettable space in the building, without compromising the elevator efficiency, cost-effectiveness and energy consumption. We are also experts in escalator design and applications.


Elevator Systems for All Types of Buildings

We offer services for all types of buildings including retail, commercial, residential, hotels, hospitals, transport terminals and mixed-use developments. We provide solutions for new-build projects, as well as for existing buildings where we can help with equipment assessments and maintenance, and advise on improvement and modernization. We are specialists in super-tall buildings requiring a different set of design considerations.

In all buildings, whether standard or super-tall, our VT experts must consider the needs and numbers of occupants. In a residential building, for example, in addition to the people themselves, furniture movement, cargo delivery and security must be taken into account.

We become involved with both the client and design team early in the building design process, ensuring that there are no surprises later on. We remain up to date with fast-evolving elevator technology, creating innovative strategies for some of the world’s most high-profile buildings, including Lloyds of London, Harrods in London, Gold Coast Private Hospital and Crown Entertainment Complex in Australia, Bulgari Hotel and Residences in Dubai, the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort in Singapore and China’s tallest building, Shanghai Tower.

Vertical Transportation for High-Rise Buildings

The vertical transportation strategy is critical to the success of a tall building. Elevators occupy a considerable amount of space and therefore influence the amount of lettable space in the building. However, there must be enough elevator capacity for the building to function properly. This is particularly true for tall, slender buildings and mixed-use developments.