During its annual Canadian event on November 20th, CDP officially released its 2017 evaluation of the approach of publicly traded Canadian firms to managing climate change.

For 2017, WSP achieved an “A-” score on the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire we complete in order to disclose our global actions. This is up from a “B” score in 2016, placing WSP among the top respondents and boosting WSP into the “Leadership” Scoring Level, where we are seen to be implementing best practices in our actions and approach to managing climate change.

“As a large global organization we take our responsibility for leadership on climate change matters very seriously, both in our own operations and the Future Ready advice we provide to our clients,” says Paul Dollin, WSP’s Chief Operating Officer and executive sponsor for sustainability. “Completing the Climate Change Questionnaire is paramount in measuring our performance and challenges us to continually improve our contribution to sustainability. We remain committed in playing an important role in providing low carbon solutions and reducing GHG emissions.”

Scoring on CDP’s questionnaires ranges from A to D-. Our score was the second highest in our category for the Climate Change Questionnaire for Canada. This year, the overall Industry Activity Group Average (Construction & Engineering) and CDP Program Average were both C. A company’s score is made up of several factors, including the level of detail and the comprehensiveness of its responses, and its awareness of climate issues, management methods and progress on acting on climate change.

At WSP, our Sustainability Policy provides us with clarity and a framework for prioritizing our engagement with clients and governing corporate behaviour, helping us prepare and adapt to a low-carbon and resource-constrained future. Read more on our approach in our latest Sustainability Report.