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This week, we catch up Tsai Tsung Chieh – a recipient of the ACES Young Consulting Engineer of the Year award - as he shares with us his post-award thoughts.

Tsung Chieh, a senior electrical engineer from MEP team, has been with WSP for the past four and a half years. He has since been involved in the Thomson East Coast Line project, working mainly on low voltage designs and BCA Green Mark lighting power density calculations for train stations. Presently, Tsung Chieh is working on master plans for several overseas data centre projects and is the lead for extra low voltage (ELV) – telecommunications and security for two of our offices.



Since winning the ACES Young Consulting Engineer of the Year award, what kind of “waves” are you making? 

I am a member of global team working on the largest data centre project that the local office has won. As the technical lead for two extra-low voltage design branches for this project, I deliver designs on top of developing effective project work flows and communication strategies among the offices and stakeholders. Although what we do may be considered as ripples in a pond, it is working together as a team in phases that generates constructive interferences and pushes the team forward to challenge the status quo.


With this award, how do you think you can contribute towards making a difference in the workplace? 

I think it is important to be present and engage in constant collaboration with other colleagues in various projects. This is a good way to relate to one another and inspire each other, especially new and young engineers to develop greater interest and confidence in their work.


What advice would you give to other colleagues entering the award next year? 

Seize the opportunity when you are presented with the chance. A nomination is an added recognition and it is a chance for you to shine. Be yourself and enjoy the process. It will be fine!


Share with us one thing about yourself that few people know about. 

Bailey’s and hessische Federweißer addict. Ich denke zwar immer in drei Sprachen – Chinesisch, Englisch and Deutsch.

Check back next week for the third of this five-part series!

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