Ir Kenneth Li, Director, Building MEP, China Region and Ir Annie Choi, Director, Building MEP, China Region, two WSP leading experts on Fire Engineering, were invited by the HKSAR’s Buildings Department, Architectural Services Department and Housing Department to share their experience on applying fire engineering approach and associated reports.  

Held on 22 November, the sharing session was well attended by representatives from the three government departments which amongst other functions, oversees code compliance, approvals and safety of buildings in Hong Kong.

“ It is always an honour to be invited by your peers to share one's experience and insights on a specialized area of engineering,” says Kenneth who is a member of the government’s Fire Safety Committee in 2016 – 2019. 

In Hong Kong, a fire engineering approach is accepted under the Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings 2011 (FS Code) as an alternative method for providing appropriate levels of fire safety in complex developments or infrastructure that cannot be appropriately addressed by conventional prescriptive codes.

“As building evolve and designs become more innovative, fire engineering or performance based design is an important procedure to test and simulate design concepts under various fire scenarios and ensure they can provide appropriate levels of safety for its occupants, “ explains Annie.