Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital Phase III

The Phase III development of the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital included a 20-floor extension on top of the original hospital block. 


  • Hong Kong


  • Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Limited

Project Status

  • Completed

The extended facilities offer additional advanced medical services, making the hospital one of the largest private hospitals in Hong Kong. With more than 400 beds, the additional floors also provide facilities for specialty health care services including pediatric, cardiology, maternity, and isolation wards. 

WSP served as the mechanical/electrical engineering consultant for all hospital systems design as well as building services. WSP’s responsibilities also included the upgrading of incoming power supply capacity from 6000kVA to 7,000kVA to cope with the increased power demand of the new advanced medical equipment, and the installation of a new passenger lift system in an operating hospital. Throughout the redevelopment, careful planning and coordination with hospital representatives and consultant teams was critical to ensuring minimal disturbance to patients and normal hospital operations. 

Among some of the systems designed by WSP are: 

  • Dedicated dehumidification system for the hydrotherapy pool;
  • Odor extraction system for the general wards;
  • Cutting-edge mechanical exhaust system to achieve negative air pressure inside the ward as part of the infection control system;
  • Enhancement of fire services provisions for the additional floors; and 
  • Security and communications systems including baby tagging system.