Hong Kong Traffic Control Centre

This is the first integrated traffic control centre in Hong Kong and provides centralized traffic operations and surveillance for normal and emergency situations. 

WSP was appointed by the Hong Kong Transport Department as lead consultant with responsibility for the design, contract supervision, testing and commissioning. Key elements included design of the layout for the new facility; planning and project management for the relocation of four existing control centres, including the government’s Emergency Transport Coordination Centre, to the new facility; and technical input to the specialist sub-consultant for the design of a centralized closed circuit television system capable of managing more than 250 video images captured across the territory.

WSP completed the project on a fast-track basis in 18 months. Through extensive planning and preparation, relocations of existing traffic control centres were typically completed within a six-hour period in the early morning hours, during which time backup measures were put in place to ensure minimal interruption to normal operational requirements.