Jacksonville Ultimate Urban Circulator

WSP USA is part of the RS&H General Engineering Consultant team supporting the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) in the development of the Jacksonville Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C).



  • Jacksonville, Florida, USA


  • Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Project Status

  • Ongoing

Paragraph one

The U2C project is developing concepts and plans to convert an existing monorail transit service in Jacksonville, Florida into an automated vehicle service that can operate both above ground and at street level. This transformative project will not only result in new areas being serviced, but the opportunity to provide more on-demand services is part of the over-arching vision. WSP is providing planning, visualization and technical support to the JTA as the concept moves through various stages of planning, design and eventually procurement.

Business Planning and Technical Requirements: Through internal workshop planning and execution, the WSP team is preparing documentation on the desired functional, architectural and interoperability requirements of the U2C system specific to the supervisory system and the vehicles themselves, in order to obtain industry feedback on the proposed requirements.

Project Visualization: WSP has provided high-level graphics, animation and video production deliverables that have been used in technical and operational workshops, funding and policy conversations, and for high-level executive review.

Transit Concept and Alternatives Review: Assembled by WSP, this report was developed in conformance with the Florida Department of Transportation Transit Concept and Alternatives Review Guidance to assess the feasibility of the proposed improvements, with a subsequent request that the project be accepted into project development and become eligible for state and/or federal funding.


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