Medupi Power Station

Performing collaborative project management and advanced engineering for one of the largest power plants in the world while helping build local communities.

A New Power Station to Better Serve the Community

WSP is providing engineering and project management support to Eskom, South Africa’s power utility company, for the development and execution phases of the Medupi Power Station Project, a 4,800-MW power plant that will be the largest dry-cooled power station in the world.

The new plant, located 217 miles (350 kilometres) north of Johannesburg, will provide much-needed power to a growing population. No large scale power plant has been built in the region for nearly 20 years. A massive project with 38 large contracts and a peak workforce of more than 16,000, the Medupi Power Station consists of six coal-fired supercritical boilers that will provide a reliable source of power to the nation’s grid.

Innovative Project Management

WSP has developed and implemented solutions to drive efficiencies throughout the entire construction. As part of our team-based project management methodology, we developed systems such as the Risk Management Toolkit and data management system – WISPA (Web Integrated System of Processes and Applications), enabling the Medupi team to take a collaborative approach to on-site activity coordination, reduce risk, and maintain high standards of health and safety.

On the engineering front, we have mobilized global expertise to address specific needs at critical stages of the program.  Our innovative visual representation and reporting tools have increased focus, accuracy, and delivery on site. Expertise offered by our staff has also reduced potential commercial and technical risks.

Keeping local population‘s best interest in mind, WSP is committed to making a positive impact on surrounding communities. We have been involved in CSI programs with Eskom in the Lephalale area since 2010. Through projects such as the Shongoane Children’s Daycare Centre upgrade, planned for 2015, our team is making profound impact on the people of Lephalale.

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Fostering Local Growth

The construction of the Medupi Power Station and associated infrastructure in a remote community of the northern province of Limpopo is promoting unprecedented economic development and employment in the region. The population has doubled during construction, requiring extensive logistical planning and support. The project provides employment opportunities for thousands of South Africans, many of them inexperienced in construction, making training, safety and quality control of vital importance. Knowledge transfer among professional staff is also critical to project success. Knowledge transfer is an important part of our work for Eskom and we have developed a formal skills and knowledge transfer strategy, incorporating education, interaction with local schools and the employment of seven disabled trainees.