Aviation is one of the fastest-growing and most technologically advanced sectors in transport. This has far-reaching implications for airports’ owners and operators, and for communities around them.

Every year, the aviation industry serves over 3.5 billion passengers and transports more than 50 million tons of cargo. And these numbers keep growing, which means that airports must increase their capacity to meet today’s requirements and adapt to meet today’s customer expectations.


We also believe that airports are more than places where travellers arrive and depart. As global connectivity hubs, they drive innovation and technological developments, and they stimulate social and economic activities in their local communities.Our projects range from strategic consulting services to project management, from microsimulation models to airport master plans, from terminal expansion to carbon accreditation, and from rehabilitating runways to implementing baggage handling systems.

Airport Expansion

LaGuardia Airport in New York is a good example of the challenges faced by existing installations. Built in 1964, Terminal B was designed for 8 million people; today, it serves more than 13 million people. New facilities were badly needed and authorities agreed to a $4 billion project, in one of the most important public-private partnerships in the US.


Asset Management Tailored to Aviation Needs

As airport owners and operators worldwide face unprecedented challenges with capacity constraints, financial challenges, and aging aviation infrastructure, the ability to think out-of-the box and to create new forward-looking solutions is needed. Airports must also meet constantly changing standards for levels of service, passenger preferences, technology, safety and sustainability.  

Drawing on the latest technologies and innovations, we offer support to our clients ranging from strategic consulting, private financing initiatives, alternative energy solutions and planning/environmental services to design and construction-phase services to operations and maintenance, as well as provide program and construction management skills to oversee entire projects or capital programs.

In addition to airside and landside aviation facilities, WSP also provides the full range of services for the facilities upon which airports depend, such as central utility plants and parking garages, in-line explosive detection systems, passenger security screening checkpoints, as well as highway and transit systems to and within airports.

Working for the Future of the Aviation Industry

In these challenging times, we continue to work with our airport/aviation clients to bring new ideas and solutions, and to provide quality professional services that are safe, efficient, cost effective and durable.

We have delivered more than 1,500 aviation projects worldwide, at more than 600 national and international airports in over 40 countries.

We not only serve the aviation industry, but we take great pride in being heavily involved through industry organizations and associations. Our involvement in the Airport Carbon Accreditation program is an example of our commitment to build a better future. 
WSP combines the knowledge of an international professional services firm with an extensive range of specialized in-house aviation services. Our multidisciplinary team can deliver fully integrated solutions, tailored to specific local needs.