Air quality impacts our health, comfort and productivity. WSP offers in-depth experience in all aspects of air quality management, from calculation of emissions inventories, developing and implementing monitoring programs, air quality modelling in support of environmental impact assessments and atmospheric emissions license (AEL) applications to health risk assessments.

Better air quality – from outdoors to indoors

We offer in-depth and comprehensive air quality services covering all aspects of a project’s life cycle. 

Some of our services include emissions inventories, monitoring programs, health risk assessments, dispersion modelling, atmospheric emissions license applications and construction and environmental impact assessments. We also provide modelling and monitoring services related to environmental noise (acoustics) and indoor air quality. 

Global expertise combined with local knowledge

We evaluate the complex environmental factors that are unique to each project by drawing upon the expertise of our global team while applying local knowledge and experience. In this way we help clients make informed decisions, identify effective solutions and select appropriate mitigation strategies for improving air quality.

Meet our air quality experts

Many of our experts have participated in the development of regulatory models, prepared courses and delivered educational seminars for government agencies, led committees in professional organizations and published technical papers on air quality and related topics.

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