New Mobility Now: A Practical Guide

Our routes and places must evolve to respond to the forces at play posed by New Mobility. Download our White Paper to learn what you can do today.

Those who engage early and with a clear plan will benefit most.
To help with this, we have created a structured approach based around four distinct strands of New Mobility change and one key enabler. These are all in motion, now, across the world, and they each bring distinct benefits and opportunities:

  • Progress towards vehicle automation (including driverless vehicles)

  • Distinct from this, the evolution towards connected vehicles, transport systems and networks

  • Increasing appetite for shared use (for example, via ‘mobility as a service’ models)

  • Increasing public interest in, and a shift towards, electric vehicles

This is not another document about future visions of mobility that are decades away. This practical guide will help you in making sure the decisions you take today are the most productive and most likely to deliver benefits in your specific situation.