Our sustainability team conducted among our employees a survey on the comfort of work in our new office.

In April 2017, we decided to change the location of our office. The relocation to Daszyńskiego Roundabout turned out to be an excellent idea.

After moving our office to the Proximo I complex – located in a new Warsaw office district – our sustainability team conducted among our employees a survey on the comfort of work in the new point. It was preceded by an equivalent study carried out in the previous office. Its methodology was based on the materials delivered by World Green Building Council. While analysing the results of the survey, simultaneously, we were measuring the level of CO2 in the air in order to obtain additional information and support the interpretation of the outcomes.

The results of the study show clearly that the decision of changing the office was right: the working conditions of our experts improved significantly. The advantages of the new office include higher thermal comfort (the number of employees content with the air cooling increased by 63 percentage points!), better air quality in the kitchen room, a big number of conference rooms, appropriate lighting of working places and a significant amount of greenery. Moreover, in case of identifying inconveniences, we can easily and quickly contact the building administration, which is capable of reacting immediately to increase the everyday comfort of our employees. Only 7% of our experts find the new office worse than the previous one.

The conducted survey is a result of WSP's care about its employees and their wellbeing, which influences the delivery of best solutions to our clients directly. We understand that sustainability and wellness is a constant effort of perfecting the reality around us – especially offices in which we spend a big part of our lives.