Polish History Museum construction started

On July 6, the construction of Polish History Museum started. We were responsible for mechanical, electrical and structural design for this investment.

On July 6, the construction of Polish History Museum located on the premises of Warsaw Citadel oficially started. It is planned to be one of the biggest of most modern museums in Poland. Apart from it, on the premises of the same complex, the inwestor will raise equally monumental Polish Army Museum. Polish History Museum will tell the story of over 1,000 years of Polish history, with the use of modern multimedia and genuine antiques. Moreover, the building will home numerous accompanying function, e.g. a restaurant and a conference center. 

Polish History Museum is one of WSP's flagship projects: we were responsible for the structural, mechanical and electrical designs for this investment. The full description of our engagement together with the visualisations of the future museum can be found on the site of the project

The full report from the event of the start of the construction with photos is available on the website of the Museum. The website includes also information about planned exhibitions, edutional materials and other interesting features.