The 6th European Healthcare Design (EHD) Congress is the world's leading forum for exchanging knowledge on research, policy and practice within the field of healthcare design. This year's five-day festival will be held entirely online and WSP is excited to be part of the proceedings. With the unexpected changes and challenges the pandemic has ushered in around the world in technology, society and resources, healthcare design is transitioning and the EHD 2020 is the forum for the future of healthcare

EHD 2020 will focus on a variety of emerging priorities, from digital technology and innovation to climate change and decarbonisation to adapting to support aging societies. This year’s festival will also include the inaugural COVID-19 Global Healthcare Design Summit, an exploration into the new paradigm we are all facing.

In addition to the online workshops and live-streaming webinars, the virtual event will also provide a range of unique networking features such as messaging, live chat, one-to-one video meetings and a virtual exhibition.  In total there will be over 200 talks in 60 live sessions provided on demand for one month. 

With many of our colleagues and clients from around the world attending we’re proud to be presenting the following topics and workshops:

  • ‘Resilient healthcare design’ 
    Gary Hamilton, Senior vice president, WSP, USA 
    16th September 2:30pm BST

  • ‘Healthy data – leveraging healthcare information to design a healthier society’ 
    Nolan Rome, US healthcare director, WSP and Kevin Cassidy, Head of healthcare for Canada, WSP 
    15th September 5:30pm BST


  • ‘Building a resilient system: how do we support societies to be healthy, accountable and resilient?’

    Lord Nigel Crisp, member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health, UK and author of Health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs, and Steve Eiss Executive Director of Facilities Development at Banner Health join our panel of WSP experts; Suzanne MacCormick, Nolan Rome and Kevin Cassidy in this workshop to rethink resilience.  Realising it isn’t just a hospital that needs to be resilient but an entire system and community to ensure a sustainable future.

    16th September 4:15pm BST  

But that's not all

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented some of the biggest challenges that global healthcare systems have ever faced and will be felt for years.   We’re privileged to be speaking in three sessions at the COVID-19 Global Summit on Healthcare Design, which promises to be an important event at a crucial time tackling the convergence of the dual threats of infectious disease and climate crisis:

  • Best-in-class sustainability for the new South Niagara Hospital
    Juhee Oh, Project Director, WSP, Canada
    Antoni Paleshi, Senior Energy Performance Specialist, WSP, Canada
    17th September 2:15pm BST


  • Clinical and engineering excellence for truly adaptable space

    Suzanne MacCormick, Global healthcare business growth lead, WSP, UK
    Nolan Rome, US healthcare director, WSP, USA
    17th September 6:15pm BST

  • Creating a better normal – can technology redefine new models of care?
    Roneel Singh, Director, Technology Systems, WSP, Australia
    Manoje Indraharan, Associate Director, Technology Systems, WSP, Australia
    18th September 8:30am BST


EHD 2020 provides a compelling opportunity to bring together healthcare design experts from around the world. With a fully packed agenda and on on-demand viewing capability, plus a WSP virtual booth, it’s the healthcare design event not to be missed. We hope to see you there!

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