Following asbestos audit of a building, we have prepared asbestos report and report on safe building use.


The scope of works included survey of asbestos containing materials in a technical-office building and establishing conditions under which the building can be used safely. Use of asbestos containing materials has been forbidden in Poland since 1997. The law obliges the owners to undertake repair actions consisting of inventory of asbestos containing materials, assessment of current condition and safe usage of asbestos containing materials, prepare and implement Control Plan, undertake repair actions and decommission asbestos containing materials as well as plan for their removal.

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The building

This 6-storey high building has been constructed in 1970's in a technology involving construction of basement and the ground floor with in-situ concrete. The basement ceiling slab is prefabricated, while the ground floor walls are constructed using traditional bricks. The bearing system of the building between the first and the fifth floor constitutes concrete locking construction with prefabricated, densely finned slabs. External casing of the building is made of prefabricated panels, surrounded by metal frames.

Our services

We have performed interview with building owners regarding renovation and modernization works conducted up-to-date, review of available technical documentation, review of laboratory analyzes' results of asbestos containing building materials, inspection of the building including basement and all aboveground levels, photographic documentation of the inspection and places of sampling locations.