IKEA Stores

WSP provided mechanical and electrical engineering designs for new IKEA developments in Wrocław and Lublin.


  • Lublin, Poland
  • Wrocław, Poland


  • IKEA Property Poland

Project Status

  • Wrocław – Opened,                                          Lublin – Completed in 2017


IKEA shopping centre in Wrocław

The centre in Wrocław is the biggest IKEA facility in Poland with 37,705 m² of usable space on three levels. Additionally, the centre comprises of a restaurant for 600 guests, playground for children and parking with 1,450 places. The buildings' sustainable features include geothermal heating, use of rainwater in toilets and heat recovery from the kitchen equipment for water heating in bathrooms.

39,600 m² 39,600 m²
42,000 m² 42,000 m²
Wrocław parking spaces
1,450 1,450

IKEA shopping centre in Lublin

IKEA in Lublin will be part of a three-storey shopping centre with retail space for over 100 tenants. Similarly, to IKEA Wrocław, the shop will feature a restaurant and a playground.

Ikea stores, Wrocław

IKEA stores in Wrocław, Poland