WSP Environmental team was involved in ex-situ remediation of contaminated soil for the area in Malbork.

Ex-situ remediation

The scope of works included:

  • Preparation of necessary documents to obtain remediation permits from the regulatory authorities,
  • Obtaining remediation permits which defined the scope, duration and method of remediation,
  • Arrangements of all site logistics and welfare facilities,
  • Performing remediation in full compliance with the remediation permits:
    1. Preparation the area for work. 
  • 2. Designation of areas identified contamination.
    3. Excavation of soils in areas where contamination had been identified.
    4. Loading of contaminated land transport units and transport to disposal.
    5. The transportation of contaminated soils on site handling, or direct loading into a transport units.
    6. Disposal of contaminated soils by an entity with appropriate permission.
    7. Handling control soil samples from the bottom and walls of excavation areas in order to confirm the proper conduct remediation and laboratory analysis in an accredited laboratory.
    8. Filling excavated areas by certified soils.
    9. Reinstatement of the site to its original pre-works condition.
  • Preparation of a remediation validation report containing details of all works carried out, waste transfer records and laboratory data validating that the remediation works had fulfilled the client and regulatory requirements.
  • Submitting the required documents to the regulatory authorities to prove that the remediation is completed.
  • Representing the client in regulatory consultations to obtain approval of the remediation works.
  • Receipt of final regulatory declaration that the remediation is completed and no further works are required.
  • Area
    1,8 ha 1,8 ha