WSP experts have provided III Phases of environmental assessment and remediation for this brownfield site.


The site was approx. 10 ha in size and was not developed, with several green stripes along the internal roads. Historically the site had been occupied by a cable manufacturing plant, which comprised of manufacturing warehouse, fuel storage tank and gatehouse. All above ground structures have been demolished.

WSP provided Phase I Environmental Assessment, Phase II and III Intrusive Assessment with detailed description of recommended remediation works, remediation plan and remediation works.

10 ha 10 ha
Area for remediation activities
1,000 m² 1,000 m²

Project phases

Phase I involved detailed investigation of the site, examination of the historical environmental data and statutory environmental liabilities and preparation of a report with recommendations for further measures.

During Phase II we have drilled boreholes at various locations across the site and collected soil samples from shallow soils (made grounds) and deeper soil strata (natural soils). Three groundwater samples were collected from temporary monitoring wells. Our experts undertook also geological and environmental observations.

Due to the fact, that samples exceeded requirements, we have conducted Phase III intrusive assessment in order to delineate soil contamination of heavy metals. This comprised drilling of boreholes at locations in the vicinity of area, where the possible contamination occurs. Soil samples were collected for laboratory analyses of heavy metals.



On the base of investigations, which confirmed exceedances of chromium and zinc, we have designated an area of about 1,000 m² for remediation activities and conducted ex-situ remediation works, for which we previously prepared conceptual strategy. The remediation comprised of bringing the site to the state required by quality standards, by removal of contaminated soil from the site to the facility, having the appropriate licenses for waste disposal, and delivery of clean soil to fill the excavations.