Zodiak Pavilion

The former bar and, later on, home to restaurants and a gym, will now serve as Warsaw Architecture Pavilion.

Restoring the former importance

Image above thanks to the courtesy of Kalata Architekci

The pavilion, located in the Warsaw city centre, near the Atlantic cinema, was built in the sixties. Originally, home to famous Zodiac bar, this place is known for its cultural and social importance. Currently, part of the building is occupied by restaurants and a gym. New function of the building aims to restore its former importance. The facility will comprise Warsaw Architecture Pavilion, serving as information, urban planning, documentation and exhibition of architecture center in Warsaw. Building will also offer a café, library, conference room and office space. The reconstruction project, envisions also modernization of the 900m² plaza around the building. Kalata Architekci studio is designing building reconstruction project, and the square modernization project is provided by Gowin Siuta Architekci studio. WSP team is involved in mechanical and electrical installations for the building.

800 m² 800 m²
Plaza around the building
900 m² 900 m²