Automotive Industry

We provide automotive industry clients worldwide with multidisciplinary engineering services, including process engineering, testing technology, environmental consultancy, strategic advice and investigations, and construction and project management to support operational performance, investment and lifecycle costs and improved returns on capital, for traditional and new automotive products and systems, and new technologies that are helping power the future of the global automotive sector.

With an annual global production of more than 87 million motor vehicles, automotive is one of the world's most important economic sectors. The business is now characterized by the development and production of a new generation of sustainable motor vehicles, including light, electric, and connected and automated vehicles. This means safe vehicles that comply with the ever stricter emissions legislation in the Western world.

WSP has a long tradition in the automotive sector, going back to the early 1940s. We offer complete engineering services covering the entire chain, from research and development (R&D) through to manufacturing, testing and the automotive aftermarket. In meeting client business goals, we have developed a holistic approach that enables us to run projects from start to finish with an EPCM approach. 



We have extensive experience in providing environmental services to the automotive business and offer support in statutory and legislative processes, as well as all specialized services. For example, through a US-based counsel, our Environmental team in the US provided an evaluation on emerging regulatory issues. They provided environmental due diligence services to support an equity commitment in a global manufacturer of automotive systems and components for two investment companies working in tangent. The project involved the review of documents for over 100 properties (current and former) in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It was completed on a quick-turn basis and involved coordination of staff in US and international locations to translate, review, and summarize pertinent documents. A summary report was delivered, identifying known and suspected environmental liabilities and an estimate of potential costs. They also evaluated emerging regulatory issues including the future impact of greenhouse gas reporting requirements and chemicals regulations, such as REACH, and the pending changes to similar regulatory programs in Canada and the US. 

In project management, WSP takes a lead role in managing multidisciplinary projects to deliver integrated engineering solutions from initial site acquisition through the planning process to the construction and delivery phase. In production, we also have experience in advanced automatized production with competencies in process control and machine engineering, among others.

Our Automotive Industry Specialists in Action

Consider our work for a global automotive confidential client where we designed and implemented a multifunctional and cost-effective powertrain development laboratory for performance and durability testing of powertrain engines that included exhaust emissions capabilities, road simulations, thermal shock testing, and testing of non-load dependent and other components. The project covered the complete chain from planning, design, procurement to commissioning and handover.  

We have also been providing multidisciplinary services for several years to a global automotive confidential client on a wide range of projects throughout Europe, Asia and North America that has included design and project management services for plant expansions, and logistics and R&D facilities, as well as strategic environmental advice for some of its manufacturing plants, and HSE audits. 

For Yanfeng Key (Shanghai) Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd., a joint venture of Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd and U.S.-based Key Safety Systems, Inc., specializes in the design, development, testing, and manufacture of automotive safety systems, including steering wheels, shift knobs, airbag modules, seat belts and other automotive restraint safety systems. WSP acted as owner’s representative and was responsible for design and project management support services including design coordination and construction stage monitoring support for the Yanfeng Key Technical Center — a 3-story concrete frame building with a total area of 218,000 sq. ft. (20,250 sq. m.) housing state-of-the-art automotive safety system test facilities, including a dynamic sled-testing system. The sled-testing system is the first of its kind in China to be installed by an automotive safety system manufacturer. The center, one of three major R&D centers for the Key Safety Systems group globally, serves the Asia-Pacific region.

Experienced in Testing Vehicles in Real-life Conditions

Through our testing technology service, WSP can provide complete solutions for facility engineering including mechatronics, emissions technology, climate technology, advanced test automation, measurement technology, construction and project management, verification and commissioning services for new testbeds, test cells and laboratories. Our ComTest® system, a tried-and-tested advanced measurement and control system for powertrain testing, vehicle development and component testing, is used on a wide range of applications to test the performance and sustainability of products, quality assurance of new features and certification testing for regulatory requirements. For example, in the implementation of the ComTest® - Drivers Aid, a customized driving schedule for individual testing, human drivers are informed on how to make a vehicle perform specific tests in a test rig while the system monitors data. The application displays a graphical user interface that replicates the same functionality found in vehicles. In controlled settings, the application enables the driver to perform real-world tasks in test vehicles and provides accurate and realistic test data. 

Expertise in New Automotive Products, Systems and Technologies 

With eyes to the future and answering to new consumer demands, major players in the automotive industry today are exploring new business models driven by digital and investing heavily in the advancement of autonomous technology. In preparing for the arrival of connected and autonomous vehicles (C/AV), WSP has been working with key players across the world to better understand the impact of driverless vehicles on local environments. In the US, WSP has partnered with state and local transportation agencies to determine where they are today and where they want to go with respect to these advancing transportation technologies. 

For example, WSP is leading the planning, design and deployment of C/AV technology systems required by the American Center for Mobility (ACM) at a new connected and automated vehicle test site facility in Southeast Michigan, US. ACM will be built on more than 202 ha (500 acres) adjacent to Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti and will serve as an advanced automotive testing and product development centre that can accommodate the broad needs of industry and government. The project includes accommodations for Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) roadside units, a 5G cellular test bed, configurable lighting and traffic signal systems, and monitoring infrastructure throughout the test site.
As an international and multidisciplinary engineering professional services consulting firm, our strong automotive industry knowledge and experience, project management skills, as well as engineering and environmental expertise enable us to contribute to your automotive projects, irrespective of their size or location.

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