WSP’s advisors help guide  clients on the journey from conceptual development to final project delivery. Merging technical talent with business acumen, we have a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and expertise in areas including finance, economics, policy, and risk.



Changing economic conditions, shifting government priorities, and emerging technologies are among the challenges faced by organizations today. To stay competitive and effectively manage infrastructure and property assets, organizations need access to more refined data and the “lessons learned” from experts who support clients around the globe.

Market Sector Insight

We provide front-end consulting and management services to clients that procure, develop, manage, finance, and invest in infrastructure and property assets. Understanding, identifying, and managing risk is at the core of everything we do, in order to help our clients protect their interests.

We provide both a local understanding of the sector and offer international benchmarks and best practice solutions through our extensive worldwide experience.Our team blends the technical skills of our global network with result-oriented business acumen.

WSP offers strategic consulting throughout facility life cycles, from start-up to maturity, with a particular emphasis on our core markets of infrastructure, industry, power, and buildings.

Examples of our strategic consulting work include:

  • We have helped clients secure more than $19 billion in federal grants for over 70 projects across a range of discretionary programs in the US.
  • We created a successful congestion charging model in Sweden, helping fund sustainable transportation modes and reduce gas emissions.
  • We have carried out for Microsoft the first detailed analysis of how the energy use of the cloud compares to traditional systems.
  • We advised on infrastructure needs to prepare for connected vehicles in the US.

Public-Private Partnerships

Increasingly, governments worldwide are choosing to fund infrastructure development through public private partnerships (PPPs or P3s)bringing greater financing flexibility and innovation to supply chains. When working on projects that are managed as PPPs, our consulting team can access additional information to find the best solutions for technical and commercial risks within the funding framework.

Our PPP and capital investment services team has supported financial institutions in the development of more than 400 privately financed infrastructure projects across the globe – covering in excess of $80 billion of capital spending – and advised investors acquiring the shareholding of operating infrastructure assets with investment values of more than $10 billion. Our PPP work includes the California High-Speed Rail in the US, the Turcot Interchange in Montreal, Canada, and Dhaka by-pass road in Bangladesh.