We help our clients establish long-term and comprehensive sustainability programmes.

Holistic solutions

We believe a holistic approach is necessary to create robust sustainability strategies which will give clear market stand-out, address the areas of greatest impact and make a positive bottom-line effect. Our technical expertise combined with understanding of the legal and financial drivers, helps our Clients throughout various industry sectors to improve performance across social, economic and environmental aspects of their business. This can be achieved by eliminating the negative impacts and maximase the positive influence by engaging company's stakeholders already at the strategy development stage. The sustainability strategy needs to be embedded into wider long-term business strategy and fully integrated, only then it can be effective.

Our approach

We analyse the company's internal and external environment and help formulate a comprehensive  and innovative change management programme in the four main areas:

  • Society
  • Workplace
  • Market
  • Environment

The programme addresses leadership, governance, employee engagement, relationships with company's stakeholders, data management and reporting as well as communications. It includes SMART short and long term improvement goals, objectives and targets in alignment with broader business objectives, by region or business group. A key aspect of the programme is stakeholder engagement that needs to be implemented gradually and within clearly specified milestones. After strategy formulation we help with the implementation, management and monitoring process as well as revisions.

Being effective

As a result we can achieve emission and carbon footprint reduction, development of sustainability projects supporting operations, delivering cost savings, improving stakeholder engagement and efficient of resources' use. The long-term effects depend however on the commitment and holistic approach, which integrates sustainability into business strategy.