We bring innovative ideas and techniques to the market in order to deliver realistic and cost-effective solutions to asset data and systems

Bringing innovative ideas and techniques to the market, WSP applies strategic toolkits, practical on-site mobile inventory/condition surveys and much more to the delivery of realistic and cost-effective solutions to roads and highways asset management.

Underpinning the delivery of our Asset Data and Systems, our understanding of the critical role of high quality network data within maintenance commissions ensures the provision of viable processes that link up asset group data and systems.

Our work in relation to Connected and Automated Vehicles in the US and elsewhere is a prime example of the use of those processes and technologies. At the University of Michigan, we are responsible for developing and deploying the roadside infrastructure that communicates with vehicles being tested at Mcity, one of the few test tracks in the world dedicated to connected and automated vehicle (C/AV) technology.

Connected and automated vehicles (C/AV) have the potential to change all aspects of mobility: from the way we commute to how we plan and develop infrastructure for the future of our cities

Data Systems at Work


WSP’s practical delivery of 3D data solutions enables highway maintenance staff to reduce site visits, resulting in safety, cost and time benefits. Asset image recognition and data accessibility also allows for off-site measurements and integration with scheme design solutions.


WSP’s development of this innovative modelling tool allows local authorities to analyze whole network lighting options at a component classification level for all road geometries, including minimizing energy and carbon.


WSP’s development of the ‘Site Asset UKPMS’ tool enables interactive mobile asset inventories and inspections. The software allows for CVI, DVI and FNS survey capture, as well as programming of safety defects.