We are built on the strength of our people. In every region where we operate, our local leaders guide the mission, drive the vision and uphold our collective beliefs.
Managing Director WSP in Poland

Managing Director

Hugues Millet

Hugues Millet was appointed in 2012 to the position of Managing Director of WSP in Poland.
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Hugues has been the Managing Director of WSP in Poland since 2012. Responsible for operations of 100+ engineers and consultants in the Warsaw office, he joined the company in 2009 as a Business Development Director at WSP in Sweden. Prior to joining WSP, he developed his career in sales management in France and Italy. With more than 15 years of professional experience, he has a keen interest in international business, general management, finance and key account management.

Hugues graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics and holds an MBA degree and master's degree in general management. Previously, he graduated from EPF (engineer’s degree in fluid mechanics) and Université de Rouen (bachelor’s degree in energy). Hugues speaks French (mother tongue), English and Swedish fluently.

Grzegorz Wieczorek WSP in Poland

Director of Operations

Grzegorz Wieczorek

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Grzegorz has over 16 years of experience in mechanical engineering. Prior to joining WSP, he worked as an office director, project manager, designer and site engineer. As an office director, he was leading a multidisciplinary office, providing wide range of services, and covering design and construction management for various clients working in industry as well as the ones from the retail or property sector.


Chief Structural & Bridge

Krzysztof Bielazik

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Krzysztof has over 14 years of experience in structural design in a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, retail and industrial developments. His expertise ranges from the design of reinforced concrete, steel and prefabricated concrete to masonry and timber structures. Having worked in Ireland, Poland and Netherlands, Krzysztof has wide international experience. He leads the team of structural engineers and, as a project leader, is responsible for communication with clients and contractors, structural design works and multidisciplinary coordination. Prior to joining WSP, he had worked on several major developments including Warsaw Spire in Poland, Connolly Quarter Development in Dublin, Ireland or a mixed-use development at Finglas Road in Dublin as well.

Chief Electrical

Sylwester Hofman

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Sylwester is the Chief of the Electrical Services Department at WSP Polska and leads a team of electrical services engineers. He has over 17 years of experience in the design of electrical services and has worked for WSP since 2007. He is a licensed designer as well as a construction works supervisor and a member of Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers. For the past 16 years, Sylwester has been focused on working on office, residential and industrial developments. He gained his wide experience in building services engineering working for contractors, consultants and design offices. He has also project leader experience as he lead designer teams working on office buildings projects such as Neptun Office Centre in Gdańsk or Enterprise Park in Cracow.


Chief Sustainability

Ewa Kowalska-Ocneanu

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Ewa is the Chief of the Sustainability Department at WSP Polska and has over 20 years of experience in environmental protection (mainly in the construction, retail and property sector.) She worked in a number of international companies providing expert advice in the fields of green building, sustainability, waste management, energy efficiency and CSR. She is a licensed BREEAM International assessor and a BREEAM In-Use auditor, providing assessment and consulting to help clients achieve green accreditation across Poland and the CEE region. Ewa has experience in project management and supervision. She is directly responsible for over 30 projects including office, industrial and retail uses.


Chief Environmental

Lidia Skąpska

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Lidia graduated from the University of Warsaw (Master of Science in Inter-Faculty Studies in Environmental Protection) as well as University of Wrocław (Master of Science in geology). She holds a geological certificate No. XI-021 (geological site works supervising and geophysics) and hydrogeological certificate No. V-1628 (hydrogeological supervision on groundwater deposits research, determination of hydrogeological conditions etc.) She has worked for 10 years on numerous EIA (for linear projects such as high- and roadways, commercial and industrial sites, or oil and gas exploration and appraisal), site pollution assessment and remediation projects including commercial and industrial sites (i.a. fuel depots and petrol stations.)

As an environmental consultant, she participated projects connected with shale gas. She managed environmental impact assessment (EIA) and EIA for Natura 2000 projects for shale gas investments in Poland. She was also involved in extensive environmental and water management studies, numerous phase I and II environmental auditing projects and water supply as well as management guidance.


Chief Mechanical

Piotr Wileński

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Piotr has 17 years of experience in the mechanical field. He joined WSP as the Chief Mechanical and prior to that, he was working as a project manager. He led a 20-person team of designers and designer assistants. His scope of experience includes also supervising the work of designers in the mechanical division.

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