Michigan Department of Transportation Connected/Automated Vehicle Strategic Plan

As part of a wide-ranging technical support contract for connected and automated vehicles (C/AV), WSP USA was responsible for developing a C/AV strategic plan for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), which establishes agency vision and objectives, identifies gaps in current initiatives, and outlines key tasks to help achieve objectives.


Roadmap to the Future of the Automotive State

Over the course of multiple project engagements, WSP has assisted MDOT with strategic, programmatic, planning and deployment activities across the state, including:

Strategic/Programmatic Support: As part of an on-call technical services project with MDOT’s intelligent transportation systems (ITS) program office, WSP developed the department’s C/AV Strategic Plan, established guidelines for connected vehicle infrastructure design and deployment, and prepared concepts of operations for multiple high-priority vehicle-to-infrastructure applications.

Planning and Deployment Support: Through multiple deployment projects, WSP has helped to deploy CV infrastructure throughout southeast Michigan, including infrastructure for the 2014 ITS World Congress in Detroit, regional deployments along I-96, and deployment along I-69 to support a truck platooning demonstration. In addition, we conducted a regional deployment plan which considered locations supportive of high-priority applications, and developed a concept of operations for the Woodward Avenue corridor, looking to connected vehicle technologies to support enhanced bus and streetcar operations.