Supervision of O&M of Sheik Zayed Tunnel, Bridges & Corridor

Sheik Zayed tunnel comprises 2000m of depressed section and 2200m of cut and cover section, making it the longest tunnel in the Middle East.
It carries an Average Daily Traffic volume of 75,000 vehicles per day and is equipped with state-of the- art Intelligent Transportation Systems and LED signage.


In December 2014, the Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) commissioned WSP as a Joint Venture (JV) partner, to supervise the new Sheikh Zayed Tunnels, Bridge & Corridor Operation & Maintenance Contractor to ensure that performance targets for Incidence Response, Road Safety and Network Availability and Maintenance were achieved. Sheikh Zayed Tunnel (SZT) was opened in 2012, providing access to Abu Dhabi city centre and direct passage to Port Zayed.

The Sheikh Zayed Corridor (SZC) is a critical section of the motorway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This 16km corridor connects the iconic Sheikh Zayed Bridge with the SZT completing an extremely strategic section of the Abu Dhabi Island road network.

The primary objectives being delivered by the project are:

Incident Response and Network Availability:  Manage Traffic Operations Control Centre (TOCC)  to reduce response  times and minimise disruption to normal traffic flow on the corridor and within the tunnel.

Road Safety:  Reduce frequency and severity of incidents. Operate the SZT and Corridor to industry best practice.

Providing additional consultancy support to ADM for Managed Maintenance System: To prepare and implement Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management Systems for SZT, SZC and bridge. These systems should form the first stage of an Asset Management model for the remaining sections of Abu Dhabi road network.

WSP provides a range of technical and consultancy services to ADM with the deliverables including:

  • Preparation of tender documentation and evaluation of tender submissions
  • Day to day supervision and reporting on O & M Contractor including quality and scheduling of planned, corrective and emergency maintenance activities
  • Supervision of operation activities in Sheik Zayed Tunnel Traffic Control Room
  • Supervision of Incidence Response for Sheik Zayed Tunnel, Sheik Zayed Corridor and bridge
  • Providing specialist training to O & M Contractor and ADM staff
  • Preparation of technical reports
  • Contract cost control and financial management
  • Third Party complaint management