Inland Rail

Inland Rail is Australia’s largest freight rail infrastructure project. The 1,700-km track will link two of Australia’s largest cities – Melbourne and Brisbane – while unlocking the regional economic potential.

WSP has been involved with the Inland Rail project since 2010. We started by completing a comprehensive feasibility study of route options to determine the preferred corridor. In 2014, we became the Technical Advisor to develop some of the packages through to preliminary assessment.

The first of 13 sections, which spans from Parkes to Narromine in New South Wales, covers 106 km of an existing rail corridor, including five km of new track at Parkes. This will allow 1,800-metre trains travelling at 115 km per hour to move along the track. In collaboration with Mott McDonald, we are offering detailed design and construction phase services for this section of the Inland Rail project. The construction phase kicked off in December 2018 and WSP has continued to address the challenges inherent in a project of this scale while delivering a solution of the highest quality. To ensure value for money, we have prioritized the reuse of existing materials wherever possible.


travel time between Melbourne and Brisbane, in hours
> 24 > 24
Australia's largest freight rail infrastructure project - Railtracks in km
1,700 1,700

As freight transport is expected to grow significantly in Australia, achieving an efficient rail network is crucial to building a more sustainable nation. Bulk transport over long distances offers greater fuel efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and less traffic congestion by removing trucks from the roads. We are proud to support sustainable economic growth and industrialization through projects such as Inland Rail.

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Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as part of a new sustainable development agenda. We believe that WSP has an important role to play in contributing to achieving these goals. Here are the SDGs associated with this project: