Train control systems are the hardware and software equipment that monitor train locations and movements in order to ensure safety. They are essential for smooth traffic, thanks to real-time monitoring and reliable communication channels.

In case of hazardous situations, train control systems prevent train collisions by notifying dispatchers and train drivers, for example, when the distance between trains is critical. To achieve this, the supervisory subsystem retrieves data from the relay and electrical interlocking devices to process and visualize it on the central dispatch panel.

WSP has integrated different systems in order to ensure maximum safety. For the Delhi Metro, we were responsible for the design, specifications, tendering and construction phase support services of many rail system elements, including the automatic train control system.

Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) Systems

Necessary characteristics of CBTC systems include:

  • High resolution train location determination, independent of track circuits
  • Continuous, high capacity, bi-directional train to wayside data communications
  • Train-borne and wayside processors performing vital functions

Positive Train Control (PTC) Systems

PTC systems help in preventing accidents caused by train operators or dispatcher errors and characteristics include:

  • Train separation or collision avoidance
  • Line speed enforcement
  • Temporary speed restrictions
  • Rail worker wayside safety
Train Control Systems

Train Control Data Communication Centres

These centres are train traffic systems that use state-of- the-art solutions for both transit and mainline rail systems. The design is based on a network distributed architecture and applies industry-standard approaches in both hardware and software. This open architecture results in systems that are flexible, modular and cost-effective, with specialized modules for advance scheduling functions in transit and dark territory control in railroads.

Solutions to Safety Requirements

WSP understands client needs and requirements with regard to train control systems, and our objective is to provide the best and safest solutions. Our international experience includes projects completed in Los Angeles, Brisbane, Australia and Changzhou, China.