Helping societies thrive sustainably

We know our solutions will shape the communities of tomorrow. In nurturing sustainable societies, we strive to contribute positively to the places where we work.

Knowing our work will impact the places we live and our families for generations, we have an enormous opportunity to make a difference. That is what we stand for.
Alexandre L’Heureux President and CEO

Our Approach

In addition to supporting our employees in their charitable activities, we make an impact through our everyday work as we ‘plan, design, manage and engineer our communities to thrive’. Having strong roots locally means there is pride and responsibility in delivering high quality projects for our communities.

Community Initiatives

Our regional community and charitable initiatives come in all shapes and sizes. Whether we are volunteering at a Special Needs Centre, sponsoring scholarships that support future engineers, or delivering portable water treatment systems to Kenya, WSP is proud to be making an impact across all our regions.

Read more in our Global Sustainability Report.

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