From our local beginnings over 130 years ago to our vast international presence today, WSP has enjoyed continuous growth and enrichment of its service offering. Every milestone reached has enabled us to better fulfill our purpose of preparing our communities and environment for the future.


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WSP Today

WSP is a globally-recognized professional services firm employing approximately 42,000 people. 

We welcomed 2,500 experts from eight different acquisitions in 2016, adding to existing expertise in our Americas, EMEIA and Asia Pacific operating regions, as well as establishing our presence in three new countries: Chile, Peru and Mexico. The largest team to join us was Mouchel Consulting, a 2,000-employee engineering consulting firm operating mainly in the UK and Ireland, with a presence in the Middle East. 

In 2016 Alexandre L’Heureux, our former Chief Financial Officer, transitioned to the role of President and Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, we made the important decision to bring together our different firms to unite under a single brand: WSP.

Always be the first choice for clients, partners and employees
WSP 2015-2018  Strategic Plan vision

Our story in Romania

WSP has been operating in Romania since 2006, with headquarters in Bucharest. At that time, the country's accession to the European Union and increasing investments across all markets have made Romania an attractive country for investors.

At the beginning, WSP Romania was operating as a design and engineering consultant on various disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical engineering, environmental, transport and infrastructure. WSP quickly gained prestige providing high-class engineering services on the local market, with a perfect mix of international know-how, specific knowledge of Romanian planning requirements and local legislation.

In 2009, the Buildings team got involved in sustainability design and acquired licence in green buildings certification. Ever since, along with BREEAM and LEED, the team gained extensive knowledge and experience in green design, turning it into a core activity. In 2011, we extended our project portfolio with additional international projects, developing a dedicated collaboration with other countries such as Sweden.

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Our History in Canada

In Canada, two engineering services firms, G.B.G.M. Ltd and Les Consultants Dupuis Côté, Inc. began operating in Quebec City in 1959. The two firms merged in 1987 to become Groupe-Conseil Solivar Inc., which acquired two more companies at the beginning of the 1990s, thus establishing its multidisciplinary approach. In 1993, geographic expansion began with the acquisition of three firms in Montreal and the company name changed to GENIVAR. Between 1993 and 2006 GENIVAR acquired at least 30 firms, establishing operations all across the province of Quebec. The company also entered the Ontario market. Between 2006 and 2012, over 60 firms were added and GENIVAR became one of the largest professional services firms in Canada, with offices in all provinces.

In 2012 GENIVAR acquired WSP Group PLC, a multidisciplinary consultancy based in London, UK, creating a professional services firm with 15,000 employees working in 300 offices worldwide. In January 2014, the company reorganized as WSP Global Inc. and adopted WSP as its brand. In the first quarter of 2014, Focus Group Holding Inc. joined the Corporation, strengthening the Corporation’s presence in the province of Alberta.

 In 2015, we announced the acquisition of MMM Group, one of the largest privately-owned engineering consulting firms in Canada, as well as the acquisitions of Levelton and SPL Consultants.

Key Dates in Our History


Alexandre L'Heureux is appointed President and CEO


WSP acquires Mouchel Consulting


WSP acquires MMM Group


GENIVAR and WSP reorganize as WSP Global Inc., and adopt WSP as the corporate brand


WSP acquires Parsons Brinckerhoff


GENIVAR acquires WSP


Balfour Beatty acquires Parsons Brinckerhoff


GENIVAR is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as an income fund


Three Montreal firms are acquired by Groupe-Conseil Solivar Inc. and the company’s name is changed to GENIVAR


G.B.G.M. Ltd and Les Consultants Dupuis, Côté Inc. merge to become Groupe-Conseil Solivar Inc., based in Quebec


Williams Sale Partnership Limited is established in Surrey, UK


G.B.G.M. Ltd and Les Consultants Dupuis, Côté Inc., begin operating in Quebec City, Canada


Parsons Brinckerhoff founded in New York City, USA