#engineeredOURway – Dina Khodeir

We hear from our Project Administrator, Dina Khodeir who shares her journey through the engineering industry…

Who are you and what is your role?
I am Dina Khodeir and I am a Project Administrator at WSP in the Middle East.

Tell us about your engineering journey?  
I initially studied Computer Science Engineering in Information Systems prior to joining WSP and entering the engineering industry. I am now part of an organisation that develops creative, comprehensive, sustainable engineering solutions for future societies.

Have you experienced any barriers as a female in the industry and how did you overcome these?
As a female, working in a project site environment has been an obstacle for me at times, but I have overcome this by fitting into our large team and by providing reliable and efficient technical and administrative support to the project management team. The administrative assistant might seem like someone whose job is simply keeping everything filed, organised and scheduled. However, they are an important part of any project and make everyone’s lives function more smoothly and with good access to key information when it is needed. The support of my team has enabled me to fulfill my potential.

What achievements are you most proud of?
I see being an administrative assistant as a crucial piece of the functioning of an entire project, and it is my job to make that happen. With over a decade of experience, I am tremendously organised, I enjoy making things flow more smoothly and I truly love doing what I do.

How do we hold ourselves accountable as an industry when it comes to Gender Balance & Diversity?
Throughout my career, I have found it important to develop the concrete set of skills needed to be creative enough to work through complex situations with confidence and delicacy.

I believe that a can-do attitude and the ability to engage others are things that females in our industry can use to influence their colleagues within a team environment. Collaboration is a core part of what we do at WSP, and I am proud to work for a business that values proactive collaboration and participation in team environments.

What would you like to share with the next generation of females entering a STEM career?
Females have the ability to bring unconventional thinking and unique talent to our industry. I would like to encourage all females considering a STEM career to stay curious, engage in developing progressive solutions to tomorrow’s challenges, and to follow their passion. Doing purposeful, sustainable work will help shape our communities and future!