Kaituna River Rediversion and Maketu Estuary Enhancement

The Kaituna River Re-diversion and Maketū Estuary Enhancement Project was established to significantly increase the volume of freshwater flowing from the Kaituna River into Te Awa o Ngātoroirangi/Maketū Estuary and re-create 20ha of wetland.

The project sought to address the long-standing negative effects of the 1956 Kaituna Cut and associated works on the health of the estuary and the local community. Re-diverting the rivers flow would restore freshwater connections in the upper estuary, stop the process of sand infilling the lower estuary, and significantly improve the ecological health of the middle and upper estuary.

Along with the re-creation of 20ha of wetland and increased opportunities for public access, the project would help to make the estuary healthier for people to swim and fish in.


  • Bay of Plenty Regional Council | Te Moana

Project Value

  • 16.6 M

Project Status

  • Completed: June 2013 – March 2020

Key facts

Hectares of farmland designated and acquired for ecological restoration
20 20
pages of technical information and summary documents 
3000 3000
wetland plants planted with help from community volunteers 
65000 65000