Leveraging the latest 3D laser scanning technology, we create accurate proximity data, a cost-effective, safe and quick option where conventional methods cannot be used.

We collect large amounts of data quickly, accurately, cost-efficiently and safely in all types of locations – including those that are too dangerous to survey with conventional methods.
The applications are endless, as WSP specialists can collect as-built data for many types of structures, including piping, single vessels and entire plants, as well as topographies, including single and multi-lane roads, intersections and bridges.

Laser scanning offers several advantages over traditional survey methods

  • Proven lower cost as-built and topographic surveys, due to faster data collection and shorter project cycle times
  • Reduction or elimination of costly return visits to the site
  • More accurate, complete as-builts for retrofit and design, enabling offsite fabrication and less construction rework caused by interferences and fit-up problems
  • Reduced facility downtime, as a result of the unobtrusive scanning procedure
  • Scan data can be delivered via a complementary viewer, as 2D or 3D CAD, or in a variety of laser scan formats that can be manipulated by the client.

Areas serviced include

  • Industrial Plant Space
  • Heritage and Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Engineering
  • Highways and Transportation Infrastructure
  • Accident Investigation and Structural Failure
  • Power Lines and Utilities