Air Quality

Air quality impacts our health, comfort and productivity. WSP offers in-depth experience in all aspects of air quality management, from calculation of emissions inventories, developing and implementing monitoring programs, air quality modelling in support of environmental impact assessments and atmospheric emissions license (AEL) applications to health risk assessments.

State-of- the-art equipment, strategic modelling and risk assessment techniques enable our teams to evaluate problems accurately and to engineer workable solutions to complex and potentially costly environmental issues.

Our approach
With a depth of expertise, and a firm commitment to quality assurance and innovation. Our modelling experts have a range of resources available, from initial screening assessments to complex source and terrain modelling. These techniques are used on a client-specific and project-specific basis to provide our clients with the most appropriate solutions for their needs. We make use of a range of dispersion modelling platforms including ADMS, AERMOD and CALPUFF, each of which are implemented according to project and client requirements.

Our air quality and risk assessment specialists work closely together to ensure integration of air quality monitoring and modelling with assessment of human health or environmental risks and cost-effective management of air quality issues.

The air quality management services we provide include:

  • Air Quality Management Plans (AQMP)
  • Air Quality Impact Assessments (AQIA)
  • Ambient Air Quality Modelling and Monitoring Programs
  • Ambient and fence line air quality monitoring
  • Atmospheric source-dispersion modelling
  • Emission Control/Prevention and Emission Testing
  • Emission Inventories and Strategic Studies
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Management and Audits
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations, Occupational Exposure, LEED Indoor Air Sampling
  • Meteorology and Climatology
  • Modelling and Prediction of Air Quality Impacts
  • Odour Migration Pathway Investigations in Buildings (Using Tracer Gas)
  • Odour Sampling and Migration Investigations
  • Quality Assurance Plan for Air Monitoring
  • Quantitative health risk assessments for hazardous air pollutants
  • Real-time Modelling and Monitoring Services, Computer Applications and Environmental Databases
  • Regional Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring and Modelling
  • Regulatory Annual Environmental Reporting
  • Source emissions monitoring and AEL applications
  • Specialised Weather forecasting
  • Stack/Source Testing
  • Visible Emissions / Opacity Training

Meet our air quality experts

Many of our experts have participated in the development of regulatory models, prepared courses and delivered educational seminars for government agencies, led committees in professional organizations and published technical papers on air quality and related topics.

To find out more about the air quality services we offer in your region, contact one of our air quality experts:

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