Each stakeholder has their own technical, financial, and political expectations that can impact a project’s cost and schedule. Effective stakeholder management can minimize risk in order to ensure timely project delivery.

Stakeholder Management

At WSP, our experts provide sound Stakeholder Management strategies to our clients, backed by well- rounded communication plans. Whether they are community and neighborhood organizations, government organizations at various levels, professional service advisors, labor and industry groups, or organizations concerned with social responsibility and environmental issues, rest assured that all stakeholders involved in your project will be able to effectively give voice to their wide range of interests.

A successful communication plan keeps stakeholders informed throughout the project lifecycle and manages the flow of information to key individuals. As stakeholders receive the information they need, they see business value in the results and consider the overall project as a positive experience. 

WSP can help to facilitate interaction between all parties. Through effective stakeholder engagement, together we can create a strong brand for your project and foster its success.

WSP in Action

The East London Line project formed a substantial part of the London Overground modernization program. Our program management experts were integrated seamlessly with the client organization to focus on key milestones and the application of progressive assurance practices. Under intense public scrutiny, this was the first project to be completed by Transport for London to Network Rail standards. The London Overground program has  brought a threefold increase in passenger numbers and has been credited with opening up new transportation routes, boosting local economies and revitalizing neighborhoods across east London and its surroundings. In 2011, we were awarded the Institution of Civil Engineers’ “Greatest Contribution to London” award for this program.

Located in Toronto, Canada, the new Ryerson Student Learning Centre is a 156,000 sqft, nine-story building which showcases an impressive glass facade, including an elevated plaza and bridge connecting to the existing library. The ground floor and basement features prominent commercial retail space facing outwards onto the street with a transparent glass skin that creates a variety of lighting throughout the building. Inspired by the historical gathering spaces of the Stoas and Agoras in ancient Greece where learning was inherently social, the lively SLC gives students eight uniquely-designed floors of generous space to meet, study, and exchange ideas. Conceived as a library without books, the SLC is a library built for the digital age. Our team was commissioned to manage the project, the professional teams, and the construction manager from project initiation to year-end warranty reviews. We put in place all the necessary project management procedures, managed the costs and budget monitoring systems, oversaw commissioning and LEED Gold accreditation, monitored risks and opportunities, and managed project changes and documentation.