WSP has extensive experience of working on assignments for both private and public organisations within the telecoms sector, and can offer a range of services – both strategic and operational. 

Digitisation is the signature transformation of our time, and has been gathering pace over the past few decades. Development has been progressing at a rapid rate ever since the Internet became generally accessible in the late 1990s. Now we are at the beginning of the Internet of Things (IoT): an interconnected society where everyone and everything communicates with each other, not just people but also the machines and devices around us. IoT is in our cars and houses, on trains and in the streetlights, literally everywhere we are and in everything we do or need.

WSP Telecom has expert knowledge in the development of current and future fibre and mobile solutions. We can offer services encompassing strategy work for broadband expansion, technical audits of IP networks, business development, project management office for fibre and mobile network expansion and how we aim to develop smart cities with the aid of ICT and new smart services. We help companies to develop their business models and structure their operations to meet the new challenges and opportunities that are emerging.